It's never about you, it's always about pleasing her. 
You will give her what she wants or else she will take it. 
You are too weak to resist her power. She will dominate you with her eyes, voice and body. 

In this round you are the weakest link. 

Let's go shopping.

While you carry all the bags, ofcourse. 

Have you ever been shopping with a true goddess? This is a once in a lifetime experience. During the shopping spree you will make that you are a good servant to her. 


 Embarrassment and shame is the only thing you will feel when 
we are outside together. 

I laugh and you feel embarrassed. Even in public you are a clown. How cute. You will first have to complete all the tasks before we finish. 


Get to know me a little better. 

So you want to get to know me? Let's go out for dinner so i can tell you all my crazy plans for you. 

cashpoint meet. 

Meet me and ofcourse you never come with empty hands. 

Meet & greet with Miss Dionne Griff. Are you sure? Because i will become your new addiction. 


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